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Tru Pilates is dedicated to teaching the true classical Pilates method.

At Tru Pilates we believe that from the moment you walk in the door you know you’re doing something good for yourself!  From the atmosphere and the cleanliness of the facility to the professional and caring teachers.

Tru Pilates is a studio dedicated to helping you maximize your body’s potential for strength, balance and flexibility that can last a lifetime!

State of the Art Equipment 

We do our best to make the workout fun and effective. Giving you a variety of equipment and exercises to to keep you excited about working on your body, mind and soul.  Tru Pilates is equipped with top of the line Peak Pilates equipment such as the reformer, tower, MVe chair, Ped-O-Pull and lots of small equipment to enhance your workout and give you all the tools you need to achieve the longer, leaner, stronger you!

We provide instruction and supervision

Our facility offers small group classes, semiprivate and private sessions for the beginner, intermediate and the advance fitness enthusiast. Pilates isn’t just for the fitness minded, the method is great for post rehab, improving postural problems, slowing the aging process (ie. osteoporosis), relieving back pain and improving sports performance (golf, tennis etc).

 Our instructors have years of training and experience from nationally recognized training centers and continue their education regularly. 

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