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Christina “Tina” Stathis, (owner)

Tina Stathis

 Tina is a Peak Pilates Comprehensive certified Instructor, She received her Vinyasa certification from The White Lotus Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA and her personal training certification from AFAA.

Tina has been teaching in the Longwood and Altamonte Springs area since 1998.  Her whole life has been dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Starting in 1982 with her first job teaching classes at a Jack LaLanne in south Florida.

Tina was and avid body builder, cyclist, played tennis, beach volleyball, water-skied and pretty much anything else that was active!

After a car accident which left her with pain, Tina searched for a natural way to feel better which brought her to yoga in 1996.  Yoga changed her life and she hasn’t stopped practicing since. Tina wholeheartedly believes in the yogic saying “one is only as young as the spine is flexible”  Pilates and yoga are a perfect complement to each other, they both promote strength, flexibility, balance and so much more. And it’s those benefits that drive Tina to share her knowledge and experience with her clients.

Candice Worthington

Candice Worthington

Candace began her personal Pilates practice in 2006. While working at a spa in Sedona, AZ. A co-worker noticed her love for fitness & referred her to a local Pilates studio knowing she would fall in love with the practice. Needless to say,, she did and immediately started her training as an instructor. She trained under a Master instructor through the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA).

Since then Candace has been practicing and teacher Pilates along with weight training & endurance training. In 2014 she obtained her Certification as a Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she is also a Certified Pilates instructor through Phi Pilates.

Candace believes the way to optimal health is to have body awareness, move daily, eat clean, and have fun doing it! She aspires to be a role model for her clients and instill in them a passion for an active health lifestyle, she often refers to as the Forken Delicious Life!

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